Sam Emrich

- ZocDoc

The Background:

While working for client Zocdoc, a digital health company with a mission to give power to the patient, we were shocked to learn that two-thirds of its own employees were not going to the preventive care visits covered by its comprehensive insurance plan. When Zocdoc employees were asked why not, a resounding answer emerged: work gets in the way.

According to a Zocdoc/Kelton Global survey, 86% of employed Americans would cancel or delay a preventive card appointment due to workplace pressures. Yet the CDC reports that if every American received the recommended clinical preventive care, it would save more than 100,000 lives per year.

The Work:

To address this pervasive cultural conflict, Zocdoc, in partnership with 11 founding partner companies, introduced Unsick Day: a day off to visit the doctor when you aren't sick, to take care of the important appointments that are easy to put off, like physicals and teeth cleanings, all with your company's support. Healthier employees mean a healthier workplace. Everyone wins.

The campaign included:

  • Pre-launch buy-in from progressive companies like Foursquare, Handy, Virgin Hotels, Oscar, Greatist and more

  • Targeted social campaigns for employers and employees

  • Dedicated Unsick day website to drive education + sign-ups


In the first weeks of launch, Unsick Day garnered more than 70 million earned and social media impressions. We saw over 50 original media placements in the likes of CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Fox Business, CBS News, Fast Company, and more. Glamour Magazine called Unsick Day "the next great job benefit", and Entrepreneur deemed it one of the best ideas of 2016.

Unsick Day also ignited an important social dialogue between employers, employees, government representatives, public health organizations, and more, using the dedicated hashtag #UnsickDay.

My Role:

Creative Concepting, Copywriting