Weight Watchers


Quickly losing customers and sales in a rapidly evolving weight management marketplace, Weight Watchers came to us and several other agencies for counsel on brand re-positioning in 2014. 

Creative Approach:

Pitched creative re-positioning for Weight Watchers to appeal to a younger demographic with a more real, uncensored approach to the weight loss journey - a radical departure from the traditional weight loss industry formulation of (aspirational celebrity spokesperson)+(language on quick fixes and fast results in paid advertising). 


Won the business. In collaboration with agency partners, Weight Watchers successfully re-branded with a new service offering, relatable tone and target-right messaging that resonated with younger consumers looking for an honest friend and partner in their journey toward healthier living. 

Pitched two additional approaches to Weight Watchers based on research-based insights heard directly from the target audience. 

Future Selfie: Consumers in focus group testing shared with us that it is difficult to even imagine themselves thinner, healthier and feeling confident in their skin. They felt they needed to "see it" to believe it. 

Based on this insight, we proposed the first-ever Photoshop-for-good campaign encouraging members to write letters to their future self and employing the powers of visualization to keep them motivated on their journeys. 

Explicitly Healthy: 8/10 consumers in focus group testing confirmed that they have turned down intimacy with their partner, even if they were in the mood, because they were "self-conscious about their weight" or "feeling fat."

Based on this insight, we proposed a tongue-in-cheek campaign shining a light on the undeniable connection between food and intimacy - including a partnership with AMC Theaters for then upcoming 50 Shades of Grey premiere, healthy snacks in theaters nationwide, influencer experts on relationship between body positivity and intimacy and more.