Sam Emrich

- Weight Watchers


Weight Watchers stock price was down. Fitbit and other free apps were taking customers. The original weight loss titan found itself floundering. It was considered your “grandma’s weight loss brand” and “only for people who need to lose 100 pounds.” (Yes, verbatims from the target audience focus groups).

The brand hired Lesya Lysyj (current CMO of Sam Adams) as President of Weight Watchers North America to turn the ship around. Lesya asked us for a total brand revamp - a fresh positioning and new, modern voice to appeal to a younger target.

The Work:

We conducted focus groups with the target audience. I wrote fresh brand positioning statements, manifestos and scripts that were put through message testing.

Our hunch was correct: people were tired of phrases like “so easy!” and “results in less than 6 weeks” and “bikini body” and “diet.”

The brand voice development work directly shifted the way Weight Watchers communicates to its customers - bringing a real, uncensored tone of voice to the brand. One that focuses on health, nutrition and people-like-me. Not diets, quick fixes and Jessica Simpson.

My Role:

Creative Lead, Copywriter