When a Facebook fan leaked a confidential trade photo of the new Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups (a fusion of two best-selling Reese’s candies) months before the product’s retail availability, it went viral and consumer speculation surged: was it a candy lover’s dream come true, or just another Internet hoax? As Reese's agency, they contacted us for counsel. 

Creative Approach:

Instead of confessing that the product was real and in the development pipeline, let's cleverly fuel even more social confusion to have fun with fans. I, along with a small but mighty team of creatives, ideated this response, wrote teaser copy and partnered on design for this real-time response. 


#Cupfusion created a social media frenzy for days reaching more than 1.1 billion chocolate fans and generating over 43 million social impressions and 2.2M engagements. The creative approach single-handedly sold the new product into national retailers without any need for a customary trade or advertising-supported consumer launch. Nominated for multiple industry awards. 

Today, the case is considered a model inside the company as a highly successful alternative new way to go-to-market outside pay for play.