Sam Emrich

- Gillette - Kiss & Tell

The Background:

With “lumbersexual” and scruff becoming the new sexy, the conversation around men’s shaving was experiencing a downturn. Gillette came to us to reignite the conversation around men’s shaving and encourage guys to consider a more smooth shaven look with Gillette.

The Work:

Through research, we found studies pointing to stubble as the culprit in the decline of kissing in recent years. Who knew?

A study revealed that nearly one out of three women have avoided kissing a guy because he had facial hair and that more than half of women have experienced facial scraping or irritation after kissing a guy with facial hair. More than half of those women surveyed said they have gone so far as to either avoid getting intimate or breaking up with him as a result. In addition, the survey showed that 41% of women are more likely to kiss a guy more often and more intensely if he is smooth shaven. So, Gillette asked America to weigh in by launching a nationwide Kiss & Tell live experiment. The Kiss & Tell live experiment traveled to 15 U.S. cities to find out if women prefer to kiss stubble or smooth shaven skin.

Kicking off with simultaneous events in both New York City and Los Angeles, the nationwide experiment asked real-life couples to put the recent study to the test by making out in-person – with and without stubble – to discover which facial hair style people truly find more kissable. Celeb partnerships with Nikki Reed, Keri Hilson, Kristen Cavallari, Brooklyn Decker and Ray Rice got sparks flying at each event.

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My Role:

Creative Direction, Copywriting