Sam Emrich

- Ford's Future


American cars and trucks used to be virtually synonymous with Ford Motor Company. No longer. Ford found itself floundering with a plummeting stock price, surrounded by voracious, deep-pocketed competitors and failing to embrace smart UX, connectivity and human-centered design like the winners. Tesla was selling nothing but electric cars and quickly moving to autonomy. While Ford (still today), has not officially released their first EV.

Ford hired former Steelcase CEO / IDEO design thinker Jim Hackett to bring Ford into the future. Jim called us to help him make that happen.

The Work:

A colossal business strategy/transformation remit in direct partnership with Ford Executive Leadership. Working as a direct extension of Ford CEO Jim Hackett, we cracked the new business strategy and transformation vision for Ford Motor Company as it looks toward the next 50-100 years.

A plan for Ford to adapt and thrive amidst rapid cultural and technological changes. A plan for Ford to use technology to solve human problems. To build a more equitable, sustainable world. To inspire Ford’s 200,000+ employees to rally around this mission.

This is one of the most exciting projects of my career so far and I’d love to share more. I am not permitted to share more details of this work publicly, but would be happy discuss this proud achievement offline.

My Role:

Creative Direction, Brand Voice Development, Copywriting, Brand Strategy, Cultural Insights