Sam Emrich

- Advil

The Background:

In 2012, Advil® was the #1 OTC brand of pain reliever. But, in 2013, increased competition and more aggressive pricing from store-brands made it crucial to give brand Advil® a platform; providing an emotional connection and a reason to buy Advil® every time.

The Work:

Research taught us that bodily pain and fatigue is one of the biggest reasons people don’t get more involved in giving back to their communities. It’s hard to think about repainting fences or cleaning the local park when you have a headache or sore back. That’s when it hit us: Advil can help prevent people from letting pain stop them from giving back.

We partnered Advil with Points of Light Charity (a organization dedicated to helping create a global culture of volunteerism) to create the Advil Relief in Action campaign, for people who don’t let pain stop them from giving back. With actor and avid volunteer Josh Duhamel as our spokesperson, we took a Mobile Relief Center on the road to 100 different volunteer sites across the country - providing Advil, water bottles and other aids for to enable volunteerism. We also created a microsite where consumers could “Take the pledge” to volunteer more with the knowledge Advil would continue to bring relief to active volunteers.


The campaign resulted in over 100 million media impressions including several nationally-airing TV appearances with Josh. The results were so profound, Relief In Action became an annualized campaign/platform for the brand.

My Role:

Concepting, Campaign copywriting, Social copy (all of Josh’s tweets were written by me), Event Planning